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About Us

How Be You was born

Be You was born from the need of its founders to always have the healthiest, natural and balanced solution at the ready for a quick snack between meals, to reward themselves after a long afternoon of study or to simply appease a sudden craving for something good without renouncing to your well-being and for a real burst of all-natural energy.

We have then thought to create two ranges of bars to please every need:

the Natural range, fresh and crisp with three different flavors, is perfect at any time of the day and suitable for all ages; the Sport range, with its four bars, two energy and two proteins, is able to meet the needs of all athletes, both at a competitive and amateur level.

The good of nature thanks to selected ingredients for a surprising taste.

A valid ally for a healthier lifestyle at any time of the day, thanks to 100% natural, healthy and balanced various product ranges for your daily activities.

For breakfast, a break or during your workout, a charge of vitality for the whole family thanks to the balance of BeYou superfood.

Guarantee and constant attention to create high quality standard products.

Natural Line

BeYou Natural, energy within reach! Good taste and well-being finally together! With three different flavor combinations, Hemp, Coconut and Red Fruits, the Natural bars are nutritious, good and comfortable to carry everywhere.

With BeYou Natural you eat only what you see, nothing more: whole almonds, pistachios and peanuts, dehydrated fruit and seeds … only 100% Natural ingredients.

In our bars you will find a real concentrate of superfoods, rich in unique nutritional properties such as those of BeYou Natural goji berries with Red fruits or hemp seeds of the Hemp and Dried Fruit bar. BeYou has thought even for children creating for them the Coconut Crispies bar for a healthy and tasty snack, nutritious and fresh, crunchy and enveloping with its light milk chocolate flavor base.

A real explosion of well-being and good taste for the whole family.

BeYou Natural bars, with the right combination of Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats, are a healthy and balanced food.
Red Fruits, Hemp, Dried Fruit and Coconut Crispies: choose your favorite bar and always carry it with you!

Sport Line

BeYou Sport is your Strength and Energy always within reach, in the gym or outdoors, on a bike or while you run!

The Sport range of BeYou is designed to meet the needs of all athletes, for those who simply want to keep fit or for those who aim for small and large goals by carefully planning their workouts and nutrition.
Studied and designed to optimize sports performances, with their high digestibility, the bars of the BeYou Sport range combine high performance with excellent taste.

Perfectly balanced for each macronutrient, the bars of the Sport range offer 4 different solutions depending on the type of training and performance goals, whether it is a simple workout, a race endurance or shorter duration.

Long Energy and Extended Performance

Long Energy and Extended Performance, blue and yellow are the energy bars of the range Sport of BeYou.

Tasty and highly digestible they are perfect to give every athlete the right energy support before and during each performance. Thanks to the integration of 2gr of Amino Acids BCAA, Beyou Extended Performance is also able to help the athlete in the recovery phase post-workout avoiding muscle fatigue.

Energy 0

Taste 0

recovery phase post-workout 0

increase of muscle mass 0


Glutammina 0

Power Workout and Crossfit Formula

Power Workout and Crossfit Formula, red and purple are the protein bars of the Sport range of BeYou, which with 35% of proteins assist each athlete in the maintenance goals and increase of muscle mass.

The Amino acids BCAA (2 gr) of the Power Workout bar are useful to avoiding fatigue during and after competitions or workouts. Glutamine (3 gr) of the Crossfit Formula bar helps prevent overtraining stress in particularly intense period.

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